Twitter Bans, Then Unbans Meme Maker Carpe Donktum Immediately After He Posts Video Exposing CNN’s Bigotry


Carpe Donktum’s Twitter account was suspended Monday after President Trump’s favorite meme maker shared a video featuring a CNN staffer admitting the network is racist, but his account was reinstated shortly after news of his ban lit up the internet.

Carpe Donktum, whose real name is Logan Cook, was notified his account was suspended immediately after he shared a video of Project Veritas’ new expose of CNN, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe announced on Twitter shortly after news of Donktum’s suspension circulated on the platform.

“I spoke with Logan Cook, who I shared an exclusive CNN clip with — and his account was suspended immediately upon posting one of the clips where Christian Sierra of CNN DISCUSSING COVERAGE OF SHOOTINGS…,”O’Keefe wrote.

BREAKING: @CarpeDonktum ‘s account has been SUSPENDED. I spoke with Logan Cook, who I shared an exclusive CNN clip with — and his account was suspended immediately upon posting one of the clips where Christian Sierra of CNN DISCUSSING COVERAGE OF SHOOTINGS…

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) October 14, 2019

The clip Cook shared featured CNN’s media coordinator
Christian Sierra discussing the network’s racist coverage of shootings, contending
CNN couldn’t care less about exposing gang violence that disproportionately affects

This is the CNN video @jack and Twitter banned Carpe Donktum for… they are speaking candidly about school shootings in inner city areas. Are they going to ban the CNN staffers who made the statements?

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) October 14, 2019

“This is the most honest CNN has ever been,” Cook wrote in a
tweet accompanying the video, prompting Twitter to suspend his account.

This is @CNN

CNN media coordinator says nobody cares about gang violence that disproportionately affects minorities in Chicago… “Unless it happens on Cory Booker’s block.”

This is the most honest CNN has ever been#ExposeCNN

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) October 14, 2019

Cook’s account was reinstated shortly after it was suspended
following backlash from Trump supporters railing against the platform for brazenly
censoring conservatives.

While Twitter took action against the famous meme maker minutes after he shared the video exposing the bigoted reporting at CNN, Cook posted a video shortly after the controversy explaining Twitter justified his suspension citing copyright infringement on a video he posted over 18 months ago.

“There was no timeline on it. It was an indefinite or permanent suspension, which has now been reversed. The video in question was posted on early February of 2018,” he said. “It was a super bowl commercial which aired to 45 million people during the super bowl that featured no copy written content. The only copy written content was a five second clip of a song at the very end. That song was not even claimed by YouTube. That was the video they said was a violation of copyright.

“This happened within five minutes of me posting a video that James sent to me as a scoop that featured CNN saying they don’t care about shootings that happen in Chicago,” he noted.

Meanwhile, left-wing media outlets attributed Cook’s account suspension to a video depicting Trump assassinating left-wing media outlets which was aired during a “meme exhibit” at the American Priority conference, a gathering of top conservatives held at Trump National Doral Miami Resort over the weekend.

Cook, was not responsible for creating the parody video meme. It was published
by YouTube channel called TheGeekzTeam.

TheGeekzTeam’s Twitter account remains active.

Yet, leftist rag Buzzfeed used a screenshot of the video in their article covering Cook justifying his Twitter suspension.  

While the unregulated, monopolistic tech giant continues to unjustifiably censor Trump supporters, conservative users lamented, porn, pedophiles, and terrorist content continuously floods the platform.

You’re kidding.@CarpeDonktum has been suspended. I can’t get Twitter to remove porn, pedos, and terrorists teaching eachother how to make bombs…but conservatives get removed everytime.

As CNN and the fake news continue to fall…they will harass us on social media even more.

— Mindy Robinson 🇺🇸 (@iheartmindy) October 14, 2019

Cook was suspended after exposing CNN’s bigotry and propagandizing tactics, while left-wing outlets like ABC continue to use the platform to disseminate fake news, a Turning Point USA surrogate lamented.

ABC removed a video it posted across its social media accounts Monday depicting a Turkish attack in northern Syria after it was discovered the footage was actually captured during a 2017 military gun show in Kentucky.

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Cook gained national attention after President Trump retweeted a video of the 2019 State of the Union
address   edited mocking Democrats for refusing to
applaud the president’s achievements.

Trump also retweeted Cook’s edited video of former Vice President Joe Biden apologizing for repeatedly inappropriately touching women and young girls.

Cook and his family have visited Trump in the Oval
Office for a private “meet and greet” and photo opp. The meme
maker also attended the White House “social media summit” in July.  

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