Loomered.com received exclusive video overnight from a Florida college student who was recently made aware that someone voted in his name in the controversial November 5th, 2019 Kentucky gubernatorial election. Jake Burd, a native of Louisville, Kentucky received a text from his mother while in a 4 p.m. class in Tampa, Florida asking if he…


The Brexit Party (Official Website) The Telegraph 8th February 2019 It seems increasingly clear that Theresa May’s appalling Withdrawal Agreement, the worst deal in history, will not pass through the House of Commons. Perhaps the only way in which it could is if the Government repeats Edward Heath’s tactics in 1972, when he forced the…


John  Longworth, Richard Tice, Kate Hoey, Tim Martin, Graham Stringer, Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg speak at a Leave Means Leave Rally in London.