Ron Rivera Won’t Speculate On If Cam Newton Will Start For The Panthers When He’s Healthy


Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera won’t speculate about who will start at quarterback once Cam Newton is healthy.

Newton has missed four straight games for the Panthers as he battles a Lisfranc injury, and Kyle Allen is undefeated since filling in as the starting passer.

Now, Rivera won’t speculate about who will take over once the former first overall pick is healthy, according to Tiffany Blackmon.

Rivera- “Our quarterback that’s playing for us is Kyle…” Rivera said they are not going to speculate or deal with the question about who their starting QB is. Cam is still rehabbing and Rivera said they will deal with that question when they have to.

— Tiffany Blackmon (@tiffblackmon) October 13, 2019

Listen up, folks. This one is very simple. The Panthers under no circumstances can put Newton back on the field. They just can’t do it.

He looked so bad to start the season, it’s actually a blessing that he’s not playing. I’m not saying it’s a blessing that he’s hurt. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

I’m saying the Panthers are clearly much better off without him on the field. Kyle Allen is balling through four games, and he hasn’t lost yet.

Why on Earth would you ever bench a quarterback who has led you to four wins in four starts after the atrocious beginning the season?

The answer is that you don’t. You glue Cam Newton to the bench, and then figure out what to do with him after the season.

Whatever you do, Rivera and the leadership of the Panthers can’t let Allen come off of the field. Can’t do it!

Newton’s time as an elite NFL quarterback is officially over, and it’s time for the Panthers to start exploring other options.

If that’s Allen for the long-term, then they might be just fine. All I know for sure is that the Auburn Heisman winner is for sure not the answer.

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