‘Out of control’: Meth is making a big comeback in the U.S.



Meth producers in Mexico are cranking up the speed of production, and the drug is making a big comeback in the U.S.

“Across the country, it’s probably still the largest problem we have in America,” Derek Maltz, former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Special Operations Division, told Yahoo Finance. ”The Mexican cartels… they make it at levels that we’ve never seen before. So business is booming, the country’s addicted, and it’s really, really out of control.”

“We’re talking super labs,” another former DEA agent, Kevin Hartmann, told a local TV station in Texas. “Super labs that can produce multi hundred kilograms of methamphetamine.”

The DEA’s 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment confirmed that methamphetamine prices have indeed “continued to decline throughout the United states.”

And the race to reach the American consumer has led “Mexican [cartels] continue to explore new markets in an attempt to increase the methamphetamine customer base,” the DEA report added. “The price of methamphetamine may begin to rebound with a market expansion, as current established market prices remain low and steady.”

The recent spike in meth production — and use — has largely been overshadowed by another drug: opioids.

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