Mormon massacre in Mexico: US victims were shot at point-blank range



of the nine women and children killed on a remote stretch of highway
in northern Mexico Monday were shot at point-blank range — victims
of a targeted assassination that Mexican authorities refuse to allow
their American counterparts to investigate, according to high-ranking
Mexican and US law enforcement sources. “They were taken out of
their cars and shot,” an American federal investigator told The
Post. “It’s kind of disturbing that the FBI has had no access to
the crime scene, which is probably a disaster already because the
Mexicans have allowed families to remove the bodies. Any evidence
that could have been gathered is probably destroyed.” The Mexican
federal official close to the investigation told The Post that the
sicarios “shot some of the victims at point-blank range” and that
local authorities were still gathering evidence at the scene in
Sonora state, some 70 miles from the Arizona border, where the
massacre occurred. The revelations run completely counter to the
official accounts the Mexican government put out, which blamed the
deaths of three mothers and six young children — including 8-month
old twins — on cartel gunmen who mistook the Mormons’ convoy of
dark SUVs for a rival drug group’s.


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