Liz Cheney Drills CBS’ Margaret Brennan On Media Bias In opposition to Trump


Republican Wyoming Acquire. Liz Cheney criticized the media for being focused on bustle as a replace of policy all by a Sunday morning interview with CBS host Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation.”


Acknowledging that the “send her support!” chant at Wednesday evening’s Trump rally in Greenville, North Carolina became once “monstrous,” Cheney chided the media for desperate to worth all of it “about bustle.”

“I focal level on the tips media needs to worth it about bustle,” she told Brennan. “You lawful did it. It’s not about bustle, gender, religion. These individuals of the Apartment of Representatives, more, it’s not lawful these four, it’s some candidates working for president on the Democratic facet principally admire in insurance policies which are unhealthy for this nation. As Republicans we are able to fight towards those even though the mainstream media accuses us of racism after we invent this.”

Whereas Brennan saved searching to carry the interview support to President Trump’s tweets, Cheney persevered to focal level on policy variations such because the elimination fossil fuels.

“But what you’re talking about there are policy variations,” Brennan pushed support. “That’s not what the president became once tweeting about this morning and when he acknowledged, ‘I don’t admire the four congresswomen are able to loving our country,’ I do know you disagree with their insurance policies and politics, you lawful made that sure, however there were loss of life threats towards Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.”

“There are principally, right here’s a 2d where we desire to be very sure and it’s truly critical for us to focal level on,” acknowledged Cheney. “And I do know you guys don’t opt to, you don’t opt to focal level on the true fact that there are substantive variations …”

“But that’s not what the president is talking about,” Brennan interrupted.

“That isn’t loyal,” Cheney shot support. “The president each day talks about policy. Each day this president talks relating to the advantageous financial converse that we admire considered since he’s been fairly than enterprise, the advantageous job converse, the advantageous decline of unemployment …” (RELATED: Ilhan Omar: ‘Racist’ Trump ‘Wants Every Sunless/Brown Particular person Deported And Muslims Banned’)

“The president has fully acknowledged that they shouldn’t admire chanted ‘send her support,’” acknowledged Cheney after a traumatic support and forth. “Our anguish and our opposition to what these ladies persons are announcing—and hundreds of replace individuals of the Democratic Salvage collectively in the Apartment of Representatives—has to invent with the true fact that they’re advocating insurance policies that will rupture this nation and we are able to fight towards it. And I focal level on the tips media, you incorporated, should masks the substance and I focal level on it’s wicked for you to tell that the president doesn’t focus on substance.”

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