Inside the dark thoughts and far-left leanings of Dayton shooter



Dayton killer Connor Betts’ online footprint provided a glimpse Tuesday into his dark thoughts and far-left political leanings — even as investigators worked to pin down a concrete motive for the massacre.

“Millenials have a message for the Joe Biden generation: hurry up and die,” read a message retweeted hours before the shooting by Twitter account @iamthespookster, believed to have belonged to Betts.

The account, yanked offline in the wake of the early Sunday bloodbath, included multiple selfies that strongly resemble the 24-year-old, and a bio section that reflected what few details have emerged of his personal life, including “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist.”

It’s capped with a dire declaration: “I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back.”

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