Former Obama Fundraiser Accused of Spending Non-Profit Funds for Personal Use



News is reporting that a former fundraiser for Barack Obama
repeatedly misused funds from his non-profit organization for both
political and personal use before the organization went bankrupt.
Dixon Slingerland is accused of taking the funds from the
California-based non-profit, the Youth Policy Institute, and spending
them on a “lavish” lifestyle and “partisan political
contributions” before the YPI filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In
the filing, YPI asked Slingerland to repay approximately $1.7 million
back, which the organization says is an amount that was gradually
stolen over the course of five years. He worked for YPI for 23 years
and earned roughly $400,000 per year before he was fired from the
organization. Slingerland’s fundraising efforts have included the
2013 campaign of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a broad donation to
Democratic congressional candidates in 2018, and raising $743,000 for
Barack Obama between both the 2008 and 2012 election cycles.
Slingerland called the accusations “extremely misleading,” and
claimed that he has “made several attempts to meet with YPI
leadership to resolve any and all issues,” but that “YPI has
refused to engage in discussions” regarding the allegations. He did
admit to “a handful of expenditures mistakenly made” with his
business credit card at YPI, but did not elaborate further.


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