Elderly Couple Harassed By Antifa In Canadian Street Responds With Videos


Imagine screaming at two dear old elderly folks – one of whom was using a walker – attempting to cross a street to attend a free speech lecture? Imagine doing that and thinking you’re the “good guys?”

That’s what violent, far-left Antifa members did Sunday night outside of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Canadian Member of Parliament Maxime Bernier and commentator Dave Rubin were set to discuss free speech at the school, but the event was eventually shut down due to the Antifa riots.

“Nazi scum, off our streets,” Antifa shouted, blocking their way as the couple attempted to cross the street.

Journalist Andy Ngo, himself a victim of Antifa mob violence, posted a video of the encounter which quickly went viral:

Over the weekend, a man named David Turkoski took to Twitter, announcing that the elderly woman in the video was his mother.

“That’s my mom being called a Nazi for going to a free speech lecture?” he asked.

He followed up later.

“That’s my mom getting harassed. Do those protesters not know how precious free speech is?” he asked.

That’s my mom getting harassed. Do those protesters not know how precious free speech is?

— David Turkoski (@DTurkoski) September 30, 2019

Then, he posted a video that has since gone viral, wherein his mother responded to the Antifa communists.

“Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy, and can never, and will never be denied,” the woman said in the video.

Turkoski then posted a video of his mother’s husband, who is, according to him, the man in the video.

“On Sunday night, my wife and I went to exercise our freedom of rights, to walk on a sidewalk and be able to understand what other people are saying, and we were blocked and stopped with some pushing and shoving – and I was pushed,” he said. “And this is Canada, we were born and raised here, and I just don’t understand why this should happen in this country we love.”

Antifa has a history of rioting in the streets and attempting to block others from exercising their freedom of assembly and speech.

Ngo was beaten to the point of a brain hemorrhage while covering a rally that turned violent in Portland, Oregon, a few months ago.

This reporter was beaten by a mob of violent Antifa members at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in August of 2018, simply for filming inside the mob of violent rioters who had torn down the Confederate Silent Sam monument the week prior. I was subsequently detained by police, who let me go after seeing my press credentials. None of my assailants were brought to justice.

Antifa showed up at the Demand Free Speech rally in Washington, D.C. a few months ago, where our own Laura Loomer spoke. The group was there to protest against free speech. They attempted to break down a police barrier in order to wreak havoc, and were stymied by officers who were much stronger than them.

Such behavior on behalf of the lawless left will not slow until decisive action is taken against Antifa. There has been some discussion within the Department of Justice (DOJ) about labeling the group as a domestic terror organization.

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