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Boris Johnson’s Conservatives won an outright majority in yesterday’s general election, pushing the Tories to an 80-strong Commons majority in what the Daily Mail called a “staggering election landslide.”Given that the Conservatives employed an election slogan of “Get Brexit Done,” it appears the election was largely a referendum on Brexit. The Conservative victory suggests Johnson…


Proving they’re the real fascists. A mob of Antifa thugs wearing black masks have descended on London to protest against the result of a democratic election.Britain soundly rejected Labour and their hard left policies in yesterday’s national election, with the party suffering its worse result since 1935.Video footage shows the group of radicals clashing with…


These are the tactics the immoral left has resorted to as their party takes its last political gasps for air “Fact check: Trump says Democrats misquoted his call. He’s correct,” reads a shockingly honest admission from CNN.During Friday’s debate over the articles of impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee, Democrats Veronica Escobar (D-TX) and Sheila…


Skip to content Storms larger than the continental United States After conducting a death-defying maneuver in deep space, NASA’s Juno spacecraft has discovered a new cyclone on Jupiter’s south pole, transforming the gas giant’s enigmatic pentagon into a hexagon storm formation.The discovery was made on November 3, 2019 during a recent flyby of Jupiter by…


Blocked from seeing evidence in extradition case Lawyers for the WikiLeaks publisher say that prison authorities are preventing Julian Assange from preparing for his case by denying him proper access to case files and lawyers.A judge at Westminster Magistrates Court today dismissed an emergency application made by Julian Assange’s lawyer asking her to instruct prison…