The Dow Jones attempted to drive higher on Tuesday amid an eerie period of trade war calm, only to falter in late afternoon trading. Assisting the stock market rally, Boeing, the Dow’s most heavily weighted stock, bounced 2% on positive 737 Max news, erasing a 4.6% drop from McDonald’s and offsetting a punishing capitulation from…


One of the most baffling reactions among liberals since 2016 was to compare Boris Johnson to Donald Trump. I reside in England, and saw tweet after tweet from the Max Boots and Tom Nichols of the world on why these two, and Brexit and the election of Trump, are exactly the same. The reality, as…


Another autumn, another deal between the United Kingdom and European Union for the former to leave the latter in a negotiated Brexit. But will this deal actually pass, or will it become another instance of “same song, second verse?” As with the deal former Prime Minister Theresa May negotiated last November, the status of Northern…


by Nigel Farage | Oct 17, 2019 | Latest News, Videos Ahead of his big fight at The O2 on Oct 26th, I sat down with heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora. FollowFollowFollowFollow


by Team Member | Oct 17, 2019 | Latest News, Videos Nigel Farage on the ongoing last-ditch talks on a renegotiated divorce from the European Union, and his hopes for a Brexit election. FollowFollowFollowFollow